Whale watching is one of the most popular selections for activities on a Cabo yacht charter during the season. Whale watching season in Cabo San Lucas Mexico typically begins around mid-November, and ends by end of April, or even early May depending on the season of course. Sometimes we see whales as early as October, and are most pleased to be graced by their magnificent presence throughout the summer!

Who could blame the whales for wanting to winter in Cabo anyways?

Grey whale about to breach the water in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Best Cabo Whale Watching Tours

Various types of whales can be spotted on your Cabo whale watching and sightseeing tour. You can expect to see humpback and grey whales primarily due to their size and ability to swim a bit closer to shore. It is not uncommon to spot massive blue whales, transient orcas (false dolphins), and many more, especially in the magical waters of La Paz, in the Sea of Cortez up the East side of the Baja Peninsula in the Gulf of California. Our overnight island hopping yacht tours are a wonderful option for whale watching up the East Cape to uninhabited islands the whales feel comfortable approaching.

Grey whale's tail breaching the water in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Best Cabo Whale Watching Tours

Whales come to Cabo in search of food, warmer waters,and safe spaces to give birth, from the Northern colder waters of Alaska and Canada. Our bounty of warm and shallow bays such as Medano Bay, Santa Maria Bay, Chileño Bay, Palmilla Bay, and Cabo Pulmo are their preferred mating and birthing destinations in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our carefully curated selection of the best yachts in Cabo make for the best seat in town. Watching a baby whale learn life skills from it’s mother on a Cabo private yacht charter is a remarkable experience. The age and strength of the whales determine how long they can stay down under water and hold their breath, and how high they can breach, and blast up and out of the water.

A mother whale exhausted from giving birth may not have the stamina to breach, and a baby whale (calf) may not yet know how to, so early in the season they may not appear to be as active.

Grey whale bursting out of the water in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Best Cabo Whale Watching Tours

By the time we hit late January or February in Cabo, it is quite common to see a spectacular show of multiple whales breaching and dancing and waving “Hola!”. For those guests unsure of which Best Cabo Yacht tour to select, our Best Cabo Whale Watching & Sightseeing tour may be the best choice for you. Our crew are extremely flexible and depending on the length of your tour, they can show you several unique destinations on the Baja.

While we can never 100% guarantee seeing whales on your charter, we promise to do our best to track them down for your viewing pleasure and help check off another box on your bucket list.

Best Cabo Yacht tours provide plenty of flexibility for your itinerary. We only ask that you discuss desired itinerary with your onboard Captain as soon as you arrive to your yacht. The Captain will then advise you and work with you to create the best plan to ensure maximum satisfaction and safety on your Cabo yacht charter.

Grey whale spectacularly breaching the water in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Best Cabo Whale Watching Tours

Why go private? While there are several group whale watching options available in Cabo San Lucas, the experience tends to be much more special when you and your group are the only guests on the boat. Public tours can be hectic and chaotic, and sometimes just 1 guest can ruin your experience by smoking or monopolizing the best photo opportunities. Safety is another concern during your whale watching tour. Whales are massive, and being out on a small little panga is not ideal. On the other hand, some group tours operate on large and loud old boats, that scare the whales away and decrease your chance of the perfect whale sighting. By trusting Best Cabo Yachts to coordinate your whale watching Cabo yacht tour you can rest easy, knowing that our knowledgeable and experienced bi-lingual staff will strive to have you smiling from ear to ear in awe.

Grey whale breaching the water in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Best Cabo Whale Watching Tours

For your Cabo whale watching tour we highly recommend coming prepared, since weather and conditions can change quickly. Dressing in layers is always a smart option to ensure comfort and protection from the sun and wind. Average temperatures are between 60-80 degrees in Cabo during the season. Bringing sunscreen and a light jacket aboard are always advised.

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